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Simplify and accelerate
the results of the improvements

Import the videos and create the Standardized Work in just a few clicks.

Don't waste another second of your time feeding spreadsheets

Imagine if we could import videos of activities filmed by employees.

Then, with a simple click on the "Play" button, it would be possible to describe the tasks performed (as the video progresses) without using a spreadsheet.

Also, imagine how quick and convenient it would be if task duration times were added automatically.

Diagrams and graphics in a simple and fast way

Imagine how great it would be if the Gantt chart, Standardized Work Combination Table (TCTP), Balancing chart (Yamazumi) were automatically generated with just 1 click!

If that wasn't enough, any changes to the sequence or time duration of the tasks were automatically updated in all graphs.

Optimize, simulate and visualize the Future State in a few clicks

Develop the Future State by involving your team. Visualize the footage and eliminate activities that do not add value, change the sequence of operations, optimize process times by eliminating waste.


Best of all, all times and graphs instantly update with every change you make.

"Thanks to KL²®, we can now implement the SMED methodology much faster and save at least 50% of time.

Process simulations are very easy to perform, even with several employees involved. Using video allows you to automatically collect more reliable time measurements compared to manual time."

Daniel Bonafy
Productivity Coordinator &

Lean Manufacturing

"Using the KL²® solution, line stoppages for product changeovers were reduced by 22% and a 20% reduction in scrap."

Katarzyna Zbrog-Maj
Production Supervisor
Saint-Gobain | Constructin Products Polska

"KL²® and video have been used for the past 18 months to prevent and correct mishaps for our employees and ensure their progress. It's amazing how KL²® can engage people and enhance their creativity. Using KL²® has helped us save a lot time and get better results.

Now our employees ask for KL²® which is really key to sustaining our improvements."

Eric Valverde
HE Coordinator

"KL²® is a profitable tool for everyone. It allows us to leverage our know-how while optimizing our interventions and significantly reduces the time to design our procedures while, at the same time, the quality of materials has been improved. This project won the Grand Jury EDF Pulse 2015."

Gerald Campbell
Project Director Lyon Metropolis

KL²® is the ideal tool
to save your time

Compare the planned Future State and the implemented scenario. Validate the times and record the causes of the differences. 

Get the summary and compare the initial states,

future and validated in just 1 click!

Share improvement project files internally. Export the project file and prepare the Standardized Work Instructions in a spreadsheet in a simple and fast way.

Train your employees in the new standards created with the KL²® application.

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