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Cultural transformation,
scalable and intelligently

We support organizations to develop their Lean Digital Intelligence Specialists who make significant and sustainable transformations to enhance the performance of their organizations worldwide. Build your own EIDL teams faster and turn your dream into reality.


What is the
Lean Digital Intelligence?

Lean Digital Intelligence is a methodology based on ​Lean principles, combined with architecture design techniques of ​Artificial Intelligence solutions and blockchain​.


The implementation of this methodology can bring several direct benefits by integrating and eliminating the barrier between departmental silos in companies.

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Cultural transformation

During the transition to Lean Digital Intelligence, it is essential to invest in the organization's cultural change, with an emphasis on creating a safe environment on the part of leaders, to promote problem-solving focused on the process, continuous improvement and empowerment of people.


This will determine the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of the change.

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Scalable transformation

Transforming improvements in a scalable way is accomplished through a robust, standardized process with a repeatable format to empower change agents.


These will be able to conduct improvement activities that will be at the same time generating results and developing new teams that in turn will be conducting new improvement activities in the areas and so on, in a scalable way.

The application of Lean Digital Intelligence is quite wide, for all sectors from manufacturing, construction, health, services, finance, marketing, HR, etc. It's a path to take for all companies that are on the lean digital transformation journey.
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