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We are #PMLeanTech

Our mission is to help you reach the ideal state of your innovative projects, integrating the virtual world and the physical world, creating your metaverse.

But after all,
what is the Metaverse?

It is a virtual environment, online and in 3D, which mixes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the convergence of several other technologies.

Through the use of an avatar you can live immersive experiences and be in different places in the blink of an eye.Taking into account its own name where Meta means beyond and Verse comes from universe, it is like going beyond these borders existing in the real world.

It is possible that you see this environment as an extension of our current reality, where you can find a bit of everything, entertainment, culture, knowledge, just look for what you need at that moment.

The future will be one of immersion and Virtual Realities and Augmented Realities will increasingly become part of our daily lives, whether through our computers, notebooks and cell phones or through the virtual, augmented or mixed reality glasses that have frequently evolved.

Metaverso arrives as a new way of connecting and is fully connected with the technologies that are coming, such as 5G for example, and thus being a natural evolution of the internet that we are used to.

In the current universe, the Metaverse already generates the possibility of commercial transactions through tokens and, in addition, many companies are already investing in their “virtual lands”, training and environments to work or just enjoy good times with friends and the future will bring even more possibilities .

See you there!

Luzes Técnicas

Society 5.0

Our vision linked to Society 5.0 aims to develop solutions for various social challenges, using the 4th industrial revolution as a basis.

Taking as examples artificial intelligence (AI), big data, sharing economy, among others, bringing benefits to society such as a more comfortable and sustainable life.


Japan is a few steps ahead of this endeavor, as it contains an abundant accumulation of real data, which facilitates the process. Artificial intelligence, big data and IoT technologies are fundamental in this work.


Using the data in relation to the market economy, industry and health system, it is possible to bring several collective benefits through the strategy of society 5.0. Making an entire social body raise its quality of life considerably.


These benefits will also improve productivity and create new markets. Japan has a key role in bringing this new model of life to the rest of the world and making this movement a beneficial process that will yield good results for future society.


Some of the goals in Brazil to achieve this model society are: zero hunger and sustainable agriculture, industry, innovation and quality infrastructure, reduction of inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, clean and accessible energy, quality education and improvement of the environment.

The trajectory will be long, but we at PMLean Tech are attentive not only to technological advances on the market, but mainly to a joint improvement that can contribute to society.

Pessoal de Tecnologia
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