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Immersive workspace

Work immersively in an interactive virtual office using your time more effectively.

With VR.Office you will be able to optimize and better develop the daily tasks of a real office in a virtual environment.


Collaborative work

Have a high-performance teamwork, regardless of the physical location you are.

More interaction and productivity for your projects, with better cost-effectiveness.

Training and
immersive presentations

Plan the future state of your projects,

make presentations or apply training using VR.Office.

All this generating impact and quality in all these demands,
at a much lower cost.


Tools and customization options to create a unique experience.

  • Customizable avatars

  • Post-it text and image

  • Schedule meetings

  • Whiteboard

Next updates

VR.Office is an ever-evolving metaverse.

We are always looking to bring new experiences and further improve existing ones.

  • Radio

  • Video post-it

  • New rooms

  • Laser point

  • Meeting recording

  • And much more!



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