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Real Time Location System
Sewio RTLS

Technology applications
Sewio RTLS

We provide Sewio (Ultra-Wideband Radio) technology, a system that delivers valuable information based on real-time location data (Real Time Location System - RTLS) for indoor tracking, driving business outcomes, helping companies increase their efficiency and maximize your safety.


Real-time visibility: number of pallets in process, search for orders, automatic start of subsequent processes.


Statistics: individual process times as pallets move from zone to zone, entry/exit times.

Fleet tracking

Real-time visibility: vehicles in operation, navigation via the driver's terminal, real-time data for WMS.


Statistics: OEE parameters, de  execution/inactivity times, loaded/unloaded trips, zone occupation, spaghetti diagram.

Handling and stock

Tags temporarily attached to products (coils, vehicles, pallets, etc.).


Reduction of inventory costs, reduction of waiting time, greater visibility and availability of products.

Diagrams and graphics in a simple and fast way

Real-time visibility: vehicle and operator proximity control, mining counting system, emergency alarm button.


Statistics: compliance with company policy, assessment of danger points.

The Sewio
devices allow:

• Location accuracy to within 30 cm.

• Proven reliability in harsh, metallic and dynamic environments.

• Unique scalability to cover thousands of m².

• Ability to track more than 1000 objects simultaneously.

• 5+ years of battery life.

• Tools for remote management and maintenance (RTLS Studio SW).

• Open API for third-party integration (SAP, FMW, WMS).

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